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What is Fitizen? 

Fitizen is a clothing brand which makes muscle fit clothing for athletes. We make casual clothes e.g. jeans, shirts and tees which are tailored for people with athletic body shapes. All products are made with performance fabrics which are as comfy as gym wear. Our ambition is to become the go-to brand for athletes worldwide for their clothes.

Why are we hiring? 

We need someone who can help manage operations within Fitizen. Ensuring the day to day running of the business goes smoothly.

What is the job opening?

As an Operations Manager, you will be responsible for overseeing the daily operations at Fitizen. Your role will involve managing inventory, ordering new stock from suppliers, and ensuring the smooth functioning of the website. Additionally, you will be responsible for customer service, order fulfillment, and shipping logistics.

This is a full time role. We can train the right candidate on all skills necessary to complete the job, as long as you have a growth mindset and are competent.

What is the job description?

Operations Manager Responsibilities:

Inventory Management: Ensure optimal stock levels, prevent overstock or sellouts, and manage supplier relationships.

Demand Forecasting: Use data analysis to predict future demand and place new order with suppliers.

Warehouse Management: Oversee warehouse partners in the UK, China, and USA.

Order Fulfillment: Ensure efficient order processing across all three warehouses.

Returns Management: Handle returns efficiently and minimize customer inconvenience.

Customer Service: Collaborate with customer service to resolve issues and enhance the customer experience.

Automation: Implement and manage automated processes to streamline operations and reduce manual tasks, ensuring data accuracy and efficiency.

Website: ensure the back end of our website runs smoothly. For example, updating stock, adding product images and other logistics for our website.

Throughout this process you will work directly alongside the founder. Plus work with members of staff in marketing, product and customer support.

testimonial 1

"You must hone your skills to align with the unique demands of the business. That's the beauty of working with Fitizen. It frequently pushes you beyond your comfort zone, helping you grow into a versatile and practical professional, prepared to tackle future challenges.

During my tenure, I experienced personal and professional growth, including overcoming my struggles with time management and occasional laziness. The team played a pivotal role by offering support and introducing me to various techniques and best practices, some of which I initially doubted would work. But here I am, speaking highly of Fitizen.

Additionally, the flexibility to work from anywhere, at any time, is a major perk, as long as you respect your colleagues, their work, and shared deadlines.

You'll always remember your first successful campaign or the journey of creating a video for the new summer launch. If these things excite you, then you're in for an enjoyable ride. However, if you seek something dull and routine, this might not be the right fit for you."

- Milos | Marketing Team, Email Manager  

What are the skills and qualifications needed?

Hard skills 

Essential: Experience with admin roles, due diligence, attention to detail 

Optional: Understanding of throughput, operations and logistics. Basic understanding of taxes and finance.

Soft skills

Essential: growth mindset, healthy ego, determined and strong work ethic. Strong planning and organisation skills

Optional: maths qualifications 

Do not apply if…

Fitizen is a small business. We are driven by personal growth and we move fast. We can train you on all the 'optional' hard skills needed. But you need to be hungry, be receptive to feedback, have a growth mindset and be able to improve quickly. 

If you have a history of not taking feedback well, don’t take accountability when you mess up, want to relax for the next 6 months+, please do not apply for this role. 

For the right candidate, this will be a fantastic opportunity to grow and develop your skills and progress your career considerably quicker than within a larger organisation. But for many, the pressure to grow and produce results will not be a good fit.

We believe we can identify where you are now and bridge the gap on any hard skills and most soft skills you need - if you have the right mindset and approach to learning those skills. We are a very supportive and encouraging team, but we are simply too small to carry anyone who doesn’t get results.

Benefits of working at Fitizen

Monetary compensation: if you are good at this role, the business will grow and you will share directly in that success. 

Extra compensation: quick upward trajectory and career progress, rapid skills acquisition, personal fulfilment 

Benefits: we are a remote team so you can work on your own schedule. Team culture is very flexible, kind and friendly. Flexible with time off. 

testimonial 2

"I like working for Fitizen because we are a great team, a team that easily agrees and cooperates. Flexible working hours mean a lot to me, especially since I'm a mom and I can easily manage my responsibilities. Tom is a great boss and he is always open to new suggestions and help."

- Anna | Customer Support Agent

The applications process

Stage 1. email if you're interested in the job 

Stage 2. Screening call to see if there’s a good fit and to ensure alignment on pay 

Stage 3. Trial project: you will do some basic operations tasks to see if you can complete the job. This will be paid 

Stage 4. Offered ongoing job 


The deadline to apply for this role is Friday 31st May - End of day.


If you feel this is a good fit for you, please email with your interest and we'll arrange a call with you.